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Other Account Fees (effective March 2012)

Checking and Savings Products

Overdraft Fees (NSF): $35.00 Per item paid or returned. Items consist of but are not limited to: checks, in-person withdrawals, or by other electronic means, as applicable. There is no maximum daily charge for items presented for payment against non-sufficient funds. Accounts which are overdrawn seven (7) consecutive days will be charged $ 5.00 per business day thereafter.
Return Deposit Item Fee: $5.00 per item
Deposit Corrections and Calculation: $6.00 per correction
Statement Copy: $5.00 per statement
Checkbook Balancing: Personal $15.00; Commercial $25.00
Telephone Transfer: $3.00 per transfer
Written Verification of Deposit: $5.00 per request
Account Research: $20.00 
Tax Levy or Summons: $75.00 each
Dormant Account Fee: $40.00 per month after 12 months of inactivity
Closed Account Fee: Accounts closed within 60 days of opening will be subject to a $20.00 fee
Collections: $25.00 per item
Replacement check card: $5.00 per card
Stop Payment Order: $32.50 per item
Paper Statement Fees:$2.00 per statement
Cashier’s Checks: $5.00 per check
Zipper Bags: $5.00 per bag
Coin Bag Servicing: $2.50 per bag
Domestic Wire Transfer: incoming-no charge, outgoing-$17.00 per wire
International Wire Transfer: incoming-no charge, outgoing-$50.00 per wire